Quantum and Unstructured Data Storage


Quantum recently released three archiving products that use disk, tape or cloud to store unstructured data: the Artico NAS appliance, an archive tier on Quantum DXi data deduplication backup systems and a larger-capacity node for its Lattus object storage platform.

  • With the ability to move unstructured data off extensive primary storage, the Artico NAS appliance allows for easier and a more cost effective alternative to adding disk space as data grows.
  • Quantum’s expanding relationship with Rocket Software’s Arkivio is enabling data backup and archiving simultaneously on one DXi appliance. This unique combination allows for quicker backups and cost savings by combining primary and backup storage.
  • Quantum’s expansion of its Lattus storage is providing just that, more storage. This advantage is made possible through the use of a S30 storage node using 6 TB drives to scale to 72 TB of raw capacity.

Learn more about Quantum’s recent changes and their insight on backing up versus archiving data in the full article.

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