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    Advanced virtual environments are more complex than ever, necessitating the need for expert advice and consulting. Take advantage of Hipskind’s experienced and certified engineers to create, expand or optimize your environment while gaining hands-on knowledge for your team.


Hipskind employs a wide range of tools to insure that your systems are optimized and updated to meet your needs. We deliver current state assessments that insure your configurations are deployed utilizing best practices. We measure performance and utilization so you know your systems are designed and built to meet the needs of your business.


Deploying virtual environments correctly (the first time) is a matter of experience and maintaining current industry knowledge. As a result of our focused approach, Hipskind is continuously training our certified engineers to stay current on the latest technology.


The key to correct architecture is the examination of current needs, and future state requirements, then utilizing a methodical approach to design systems that eliminate resource silos, identify data requirements, integrate existing resources, and ultimately deliver on the needs of the business.