• Infrastructure as a Service

    Flexibility: it’s at the heart of Hipskind’s Infrastructure Service. We know every business is unique—that’s why we offer options for every scale, performance level and budget. And our pricing is simplified so you know exactly what you are paying for—no hidden fees or in/out charges for transferring data.

Elastic Computing

Unlike most cloud service providers that try to squeeze you into one of their canned offerings, Hipskind designs its cloud offerings to fit your unique needs. We built our Cloud in hardened data centers in Chicago and Atlanta. We employ state of the art, highly secure, redundant infrastructure.

VMware vCloud Director is utilized to provide fenced off encapsulated environments that grow on demand as your needs change.


We utilize VMware’s vCloud, the industry leading hypervisor, along with our reliable infrastructure and data centers to ensure high availability. In addition to our quantitative SLA of 99.9% system availability, we offer qualitative service level agreements to meet your specific performance requirements.

Ease of Use

Hipskind provides simple building blocks of hosting services that include managed servers, managed storage, managed security, managed backup and Internet access. The system is designed for self-service O/S, application management and administration management.

Cloud Options

Virtual Private Cloud

  • A multi-tenant virtual private cloud service
  • Logically isolated compute and storage
  • Isolated virtual networks

Dedicated Cloud

  • A true single-tenant private cloud
  • Physically isolated compute and storage
  • A dedicated cloud management stack

Hybrid Cloud

  • A blend of single-tenant and multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Processing power can be logically or physically isolated
  • Storage can be dedicated or multi-tenancy
  • Optional services as needed

Let Us Help You Decide.

vCloud is one of several customizable cloud services that we offer. We can help you make the most of your IT budget.