• Two-Time Dell Partner of the Year
    2013 Quantum MSP Partner of the Year

    Hipskind Technology Solutions Group is an IT solutions provider with operations in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US. Through a unique combination of technology, consulting and cloud services we help companies maximize the return on their IT investments.


In order to build a great company, we believe that you must have happy customers and happy employees. As a privately held company, Hipskind TSG has the ability to measure performance differently than most, so we choose to measure the satisfaction of our clients and co-workers. Naturally revenues and profits are a pre-requisite, but we work hard to service our customer’s needs and we measure the performance of our services.


There is a major shift in how companies access, protect and utilize their data. The advent of virtualization technologies and cloud computing have created incredible opportunities for improving efficiency, providing better or more robust services, and insuring the protection of your data. Most companies will utilize a blend of private and cloud resources, but some will struggle with the decisions on where to deploy their resources for the greatest impact. Hipskind TSG has the experience and resources to help guide you through this major shift and maximize the efficiency of your IT investments.

Change is not new to IT… it is the one thing that is constant.